The Merchant of Copenhagen

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Om projektet

ACT is a non profit artistic organization, the idea behind its creation is to aesthetically embrace & reflect Denmark's cultural diversity. Our most distinguishing essence is to be unanimous in passion while creating a pool of local talent from all cultural backgrounds bringing a new perspective to the performing arts scene.  We live in Denmark with roots from here and beyond. Today we are a beautiful cocktail of 30 members from 21 different countries.

So, this year ACT is joining the celebration of the 400 years anniversary of Shakespeare, and our first production : "Merchant of Copenhagen" ,  is an adaptation of  the popular " Merchant of Venice" which has been fitted to the Danish context inspired by our daily modern lives as Copenhageners.

We are seeking help to fund expenses related to bringing our Instructor George Mungai from Kenya ! we are all ready, the actors, the script, the stage, the director everything is set.

Please help us fly George to Copenhagen :) we are grateful for your contribution and support.

ACTively yours,

ACT- Afro Cosmopolite Thespians